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Translate CurItemcookie to Playist Item ID
I had started creating a Media Player mode that would automatically delete the last song played while the playlist mode was set to Random mode. I really want to select a few albums, put the player into Random mode and have the playlist empty itself after each song is played... I had attempted to finish this logic tonight that I started a year ago and realized that some fairly recent changes now won't allow a DelPlayList item via Item cookie but rather need the current playlist item id. I had logic in place to store the last Item cookie for this purpose before...

I think I could have accomplished what I wanted on past versions but now am stumped as I can't find a way to determine the current playlist item id # and store it away for use to delete that item when the next track starts up. The plan was to use a trigger that stores the last played items by cookie. Once triggered on a track change I would just look at the last item stored and do a DelPlaylist item on that.

So with that background, my question: Is there a way to get at the currently playing PlayList item #'s to do a DelPlaylistItem from within a trigger somehow? The only place I can find a playlist item number is from a select of that item within an item browser widget via mediaRTV.
Hmmm.... I guess we could provide a backdoor command to query the playlist id of the currently playing item.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:Hmmm.... I guess we could provide a backdoor command to query the playlist id of the currently playing item.

OK, that would be be great if not too tough to add. thanks!

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