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Static Browser List
I am trying to figure out how to use the Static Browser List. I want to have a list of my favorite 20 stations on XM Radio.

I have watched the video but I am not getting how to create the list of data and make it work. Below is my template.

If there is a better way to do this I am open to that as well.


[Image: WHAudio%20Template.png?dl=0]
It allows you to set both a visible text value, and a hidden one, for each list item. So you would set the regular text to the name of the channel. You would set the hidden text to whatever you need to be able to make that channel the active one, i.e. whatever you are going to send to the driver to select it.

The 'SetBrowserList2' command lets you pass in two quoted comma lists, the first being the visible text, and the second being the hidden text. So you would do something like this:

P1="Crazy Rock", "Saline Dion All Day", "Trance Metal"
P2="xy444a", "kf894a", "238423"

So the first parameter is a quoted comma list of names, and the second is a quoted comma list of whatever types of identifiers are required to select the station. If you put that command in the OnPreload of the template, it will load them up any time the template loads.

When the user clicks on one of the items, the runtime values passed to you will contain both the visible and hidden (user) data. You will just pass that user data value on to the driver, so something like:

Devices::FieldWrite(MyXM.SelectChannel, %(IntfRTV:UserData), True)

So that will write the hidden user data value to the SelectChannel (a made up name, I don't know how you are selecting the channel) of the MyXM driver.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks Dean I will work on that tonight.

I tried to use the XM Radio driver for the channel logos. Whenever I got it up and entered a number it would cycle back to zero and not do anything.

I did see the one widget that referenced xm and DTV channels but I did not get that working either.

What would be the recommended source to use to get the logo's in a template?
That I don't know. Is the XM Radio driver used to control a radio, or to just get info like current channel for use in your templates?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
That did the trick. Thanks Dean!

I used the Field Logo Image widget. I mapped a set of XM icons I had and it worked perfectly. There is a list in System\Ripper\Logos but it had some missing art.

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