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Confused about my prescaled templates
I'm pretty new to the taRiva client, so hopefully you're gentle with me here Smile I just got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S with 10.5" screen. My original template was ridiculously small on the 2560x1600 screen so I scaled all the templates to 2560x1600. I seem to be having issues though.

First, the screen appears wide in landscape mode only. I have to scroll left and right and the orientation seems to be locked. I tried locking it in landscape mode before launching but it keeps switching to portrait.

Last, I can't seem to click on anything. I select the path of the of the templates based on user name and when I log in under the Samsung's user name it works fine on my desktop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Nevermind, I am a complete idiot. I guess I somehow locked it without knowing that existed and I turned up the touch sensitivity.

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