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AVTexan CQC Build Thread
I have been lurking here for some time now. I have started and stopped my automation project several times in the past. Over the past year and a half I have been working to finish my home theater project. That is now done and I am ready to start and complete my home automation project.

I looked at lots of other systems and never found a GUI that I liked or a system that worked the way that I wanted it to. I think the flexibility of CQC is exactly what is needed.

Here is the plan to start:

GOAL: To create an interactive system that will allow all of the systems to work together. To be effective it must go beyond being able to simply control all systems but to smartly integrate them together and to make the front end easy for anyone in the house to use.

I will be using CQC as the backbone of the system. I already have (4) 15" Borg touchscreens for the Kitchen, Gameroom, Master Bedroom & Master bath. I also plan to control the system by wireless touchscreen.

The main systems are as follows:

LIGHTING / LUTRON / Home Works 8 / IP
ALARM / HAI / Omni Pro II / IP
HVAC / Aprilaire / Model 8870 / RS-232
SHADES / ECI / RQ Bridge / RS-232
POOL / SPA / Jandy / AquaLink RS OneTouch / RS-232
WH AUDIO / Nuvo / Grand Concerto / RS-232
CAMERA DVR / Samsung / SRD-1650DC / IP
IRRIGATION / Hunter / Rain 8 / RS-232
WEATHER / CQC / Weather Driver / IP
HOME THEATER A/V / URC / MSC-400 / IR / RS-232

So I welcome all to follow along and I would love help and feedback along the way. So let's do this!
Reserved for Future Pics
For an update I copied this from my HT build thread on AVS:

Well my order that I was going to install my automation gear got moved around a bit. I had (2) HVAC units that went belly up last week. So I had the fun of replacing both of them on Thursday and Friday. YEAH!!!!

So this prompted me to work on the HVAC automation while the guys put in the new units. I have had the Aprilaire thermostats in box for a while and have never got around to putting them in. I sure wish I did not wait to work on this until the A/C was off and I spent 8 hours hanging over hot racks!

I used the following Aprilaire gear for all (3) units in the house:

(3) Model 8870 Thermostats
(3) Model 8061 Support Module
(4) Model 8051 Flush Mount Temp Sensor
(1) Model 8052 Probe Temp Sensor
(1) Model 8818 Distribution Panel
(1) Model 8811 Protocol Adapter

As you can see below all of the gear is mounted in my Home Theater closet. I will pull all of the old t-stats off of the wall and patch the sheetrock. All control will be done by the touchscreens in each area or by iPad / iPhone.

I put (3) of the flush mount sensors in the same locations of the old wall mounted thermostats.

I had added a flush mount sensor in the HT during its construction. I have the choice of controlling, monitor only or averaging with the upstairs sensor.

I also added a probe sensor in-between my 2 racks. This is for monitor only and wont change the thermostats.

Everything is communicating as it should. I did have to call Aprilaire tech service for some clarification and they were great to work with.

Now I need to get back to the touch screens GUI design. It is kind of hard to tell the wifey all she needs to do if she want to turn the air down is 1) Walk up stairs and manually change it or 2) Open Remote Desktop, Open hyperterminal and type sn1 sc=73. She no likey!

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=227801&stc=1&d=1409020675]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=227809&stc=1&d=1409020675]
I'll get a V2 version of the Aprilaire driver before too much longer, and you could start off with the auto-generated interfaces, which would provide a nice interface for thermos (and other things you might want to integrate.)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:I'll get a V2 version of the Aprilaire driver before too much longer, and you could start off with the auto-generated interfaces, which would provide a nice interface for thermos (and other things you might want to integrate.)

Thanks Dean. It looks like the only other driver that is V2 for my list is the HAI panel. Is there any others around the corner like the Aprilaire? I would change up the order that I am going to work on them if there was something on the horizon.

Also, will the Lutron Home Works QS V2 work on Home Works 8 (IP)?
I'd not heard of Home Works 8, but assuming it's some pre-QS version of Homeworks, then probably not. RA2/QS both were pretty much designed together to use a new, common control protocol, whereas the stuff that came before used per-product line specific protocols.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks for the info on the Lutron. Any V2 plans on the horizon for any of my other gear in my first post?
The weather driver is already support. We will get to multi-zone audio support before too much longer since it's an obvious thing to do. It just opens up a lot of other complexities as far as making it work in a generic way.

Of course you can add custom content to the auto-generated stuff, so you aren't limited to what it does.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
coupla quick thoughts:

1. Lutron homeworks 8 = Lutron homeworks. You can find this driver under lighting. The Lutron RA2/QS won't work for you but the homeworks driver will. "8" just means the processor size/series. Dean has written so many drivers he has just lost track :-)

2. As for wifey button for thermostat. I have a lutron button that says "Warmer". Wife (or I) push that, CQC receives the trigger, action raises tstat setpoint(s) (say 2 or 3 degrees) but sets them to revert back to normal in 60 minutes (timedFldChange). You could have same simple button on UI. Of course you could have a "cooler" button as well. I prefer this approach instead of replicating a thermostat on a UI.
Well I have been poking along and making some progress. I have the source buttons at the bottom working and they are correctly calling up the correct templates in the main overlay.
I still need to spruce things up a bit but I am trying to get the general layout done first.

Thanks ControlFreak for the idea on the Lutron keypad. I will keep that in mind when I get to the lighting templates.

I would love some feedback on a couple of things:

1) What do you guys think of the general layout? Suggestions?

2) I have tried a couple of ways for the set point sliders. I would love some feedback here on which way you like or if you have a better way.

Cold example: The second box (currently 68) is initially invisible. When you move the slider it appears and gives the slider value. Upon release it writes the set point and disappears again.

Hot example: As you move the slider the box to the left gives the slider value. When you get it where you want you click the set button to write the set point.

[Image: HVAC%20picture%20Link.jpg?dl=0]

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