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Template resizing
Nice job on the template resizing utility. Worked really well. The only additional suggestion I have is that it could rename the templates to be loaded in whatever the loadtemplate command is Smile
This alone was worth the upgrade!
We support relative template paths now. So, as long as you use relative paths, nothing has to change since the structure of the target 'tree' of templates is the same as the source.

So, if you have, say, a sub-scope of popups, you can do .\\Popups\\OK and that sort of thing. It's the same sort of syntax as Windows paths. So .. takes you up a scope and . represents the current scope. They are always relative to the path of the template that is invoking the action.

It'll be a bit of a pain to go through them all and change them to relative paths, but worth it long term. Then if you need to rescale again, you won't have to deal with the paths.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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