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4.6 Official Beta Release Thread
Version 4.5.23 is posted. This one is all just tweaks and small additions, on the way towards a 4.6 release.
  • After doing some reading, it looks like others have had issues with the standard monitor power on msg under Win8. Instead, they are just faking a mouse movement, which makes the desktop think the mouse moved and it kicks in and does whatever it does to wake up the monitor. This apparently works on all platforms, so change power on to use that, and go back to a synchronous msg send for the power off.

  • Finally worked out all of the issues with the Schlage E469 lock in terms of what it sends out asynchronously when locked and unlocked at the lock itself. I don't have any docs on the form of the alarm message it is sending so it was working out emperically.

  • The tabbing on the room config global tab is all over the place. Get it straightened out so it moves as expected.

  • A recent change could allow the initial focus in a window to end up on a static text control, instead of the first control that should really be able to take the focus.

  • When you multiply a variable by zero, it is incorrectly short circuiting the operation and doesn't actually do the operation, leaving it unchanged. This was a cut-n-paste error from the add/subtract code, which actually can legally do that short circuit.

  • The room config / auto-gen system doesn't care if you enter the same name for two lights, HVACS, etc... It uses a unique id internally to identify them, so you can change the names without affecting anything. But, for human consumption, it should prevent you from using the same name twice. Also tweaked a coupld smallish issues while I was in there.

  • The calendar widget causes an error if you click in one of the unused date slots. The code that maps a click to a date was using the current timestamp to calculate the day of the week of the first day of the month, instead of the actual first day timestamp.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 4.5.24 is posted. This is the first release candidate for 4.6. Quite a few folks are using post-4.5.1 versions. For those who are, and who aren't on something at least 4.5.20+, please upgrade to this version and let us know if you see anything that we should take a look at. This is essentially 4.6, modulo any wee tweaks we might make based on feedback.
  • Make sure the blanker window comes upon the same monitor as the program that invoked it.

  • The clock mode of the blanker window is broken and doesn't draw the time correctly, so fix that.

  • Move the old (and now new V2) ISY drivers into a more standard class path. Create an Insteon directory and add ISY and ISY_V2 under that. This is the two layered scheme used by other drivers. It won't affect anyone, since the location comes from teh manifest file, so as long as that is updated no one will know or care that the old one was moved.

  • The action command for setting up the auto-blanker modes doesn't include the 'display off' blanker type, which just turns off the display but doesn't run the blanker window.

  • Add a new action command, System::SetIVBlanker(ivtarget, blankermode), which will let you directly blank or unblank an IV without it having to have the control driver installed. As with similar commands, you still do have to have the IV's control interface enabled, since this command works through that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 4.5.25 is posted. It's just some small fixes that were come across during testing slash early development for 4.7. I think that, at this point, it's time for 4.6. Unless someone reports something outright broken between now and early next week, I'm going to go ahead and put out 4.6. I'll do some more docs and web site updates in the mean time to get ready.
  • The CML URL class isn't overriding the FormatTo method, from the base Formattable class, so it cause an exception if that is called on it, such as when it was formatted to a stream.
  • The floating point round method, when rounding up, doesn't check the fractional part. It just moves upwards, even if the fractional part is zero.
  • Update the GEM driver to use the Net-48-Time format. This is an easy change since it just requires adjusting some offsets, and it allows some other products that use the Net-48-Time format to simultaneously poll the GEM. Apparently the GEM doesn't support a format per-connection, so if the driver changes it (which it was, to the Net-32 format) it would break those other things.
  • The recent fix to make sure the blanker comes up on the same window as the invoking program, failed to take into account the task bar, so it was letting the task bar show instead of filling the whole monitor.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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