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CAB Template text if no image
I'm trying to reproduce the old behavior of the CAB which was Image if available, and Text if no image (for the settings I was using anyway).

For music this works great: I just have a template with the image in front of the text. Because my music images are always square, if present they always cover the text nicely.

For video it is not working as well because my dvd cover art is in a wide variety of shapes and aspect ratios. This results in the text peeking out from behind the art (for some titles) and it looks stupid. Is there anyway I can hide the text if the image is present?

Not really. I'd have to add another special case widget to the layout template, maybe a static text named 'NoImage' that will only be displayed if there is no image. But that'll have to be post-4.5, so remind me again afterwards and I can look at that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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