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Class: WeatherStation
This thread is for discussion of the WeatherStation device class. We have a Weather device class for online sources, which will likely provide more information, including forecast and can handle multiple locations and such. But we need one for a local weather station.

I'm open to suggestions for what information is likely to be widely supported by such devices. It's OK if there are some things that might not be provided universally, as long as they are still common. Those drivers whose devices don't support such values can just set a default value.

[to be done]
Dean Roddey
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Dean Roddey
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Dean Roddey
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There is already a driver floating around for the Davis Weather Stations.

These are the fields that it surfaces:

Card4 m_FieldID_Set_Time;
Card4 m_FieldID_Bar_Trend_Val;
Card4 m_FieldID_Bar_Trent_Txt;
Card4 m_FieldID_Next_Record;
Card4 m_FieldID_Barometer;
Card4 m_FieldID_Inside_Temp;
Card4 m_FieldID_Inside_Humidity;
Card4 m_FieldID_Outside_Temp;
Card4 m_FieldID_Wind_Speed;
Card4 m_FieldID_Wind_Speed_Avg;
Card4 m_FieldID_Wind_Direction;
Card4 m_FieldID_Wind_Direction_Txt;
Card4 m_FieldID_Outside_Humidity;
Card4 m_FieldID_Rain_Rate;
Card4 m_FieldID_UV;
Card4 m_FieldID_Solar_Radiation;
Card4 m_FieldID_Storm_Rain;
Card4 m_FieldID_Storm_Rain_Date;
Card4 m_FieldID_Day_Rain;
Card4 m_FieldID_Month_Rain;
Card4 m_FieldID_Year_Rain;
Card4 m_FieldID_Day_ET;
Card4 m_FieldID_Month_ET;
Card4 m_FieldID_Year_ET;
Card4 m_FieldID_Con_Batt_Voltage;
Card4 m_FieldID_Sunrise;
Card4 m_FieldID_Sunset;
Card4 m_FieldID_Forecast_Val;
Card4 m_FieldID_Forecast_Txt;
Card4 m_FieldID_Alarms_On;
Card4 m_FieldID_Alarm_Falling_Bar_Trend;
Card4 m_FieldID_Alarm_Rising_Bar_Trend;
Card4 m_FieldID_Alarm_Low_Inside_Temp;
Card4 m_FieldID_Alarm_High_Inside_Temp;
Card4 m_FieldID_Alarm_Low_Inside_Humidity;
Card4 m_FieldID_Alarm_High_Inside_Humidity;
Card4 m_FieldID_Alarm_Time;
Card4 m_FieldID_Bar_Trend_Txt;

//HiLow Fields
Card4 m_FieldID_HiLow_Temp_Day_Hi;
Card4 m_FieldID_HiLow_Temp_Day_Low;
Card4 m_FieldID_HiLow_Temp_Month_Hi;
Card4 m_FieldID_HiLow_Temp_Month_Low;
Card4 m_FieldID_HiLow_Temp_Year_Hi;
Card4 m_FieldID_HiLow_Temp_Year_Low;
Card4 m_FieldID_HiLow_Temp_Day_Hi_Time;
Card4 m_FieldID_HiLow_Temp_Day_Low_Time;

Card4 m_FieldID_Heat_Index;
Anybody know some other stations and how much of the above they would support?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Netatmo makes a set of modules that make a weatherstation. The modules and the measurements they support:

Master (Indoor):

Temperature (selectable F or C degrees)
Humidity (percent)
Pressure (mbar)
CO2 (ppm)
Soundlevel (dB)



Indoor (additional modules for other rooms, after Master):


The Outdoor and Indoor modules communicate wirelessly with the Master.

The Netatmo API does not communicate directly with the Master module. Instead, the Master communicates with Netatmo's website, and you can set up credentials to retrieve data from the website. You can query the most recent measurements, max and min measurements, and also the array of measurements going back in time (if, for example, you wish to draw a graph of the day's readings) .

In addition, you can read the wifi signal strength, battery level, and other device information.

Netatmo also makes a thermostat, and is introducing a rain gauge. I have not seen these two devices.

They provide apps for iOS and Android. The apps show forecast data, but this data is not provided by the API, so the apps probably retrieve it from some other source.
+1 for Rain_Rate, WU driver could use this...
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Just picked up the Ambient Wireless Weather station and second the idea of bringing in the rainfall fields in the WU driver.

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