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Preferred whole house audio
Thanks Dean,

For the b&k'ers, I'm assuming the ct600 can route any input to any number of outputs... Like any decent switcher should.

Flamin' Noobie...
Warp speed now and don't give me any of that dilythium crystal crap!
The B&K driver is now included with the main CQC package. You can find it on the main site under device drivers, multi-zone AV, B&K CTXXX.

The unit does work as a normal switcher. So any input can be routed to any output with the ability for a single input to be routed to many outputs at the same time.
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
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I use a RUSSOUND CAA66. Without any keypads and just have CQC control the 6 zones/Inputs from ipads/ipods. Works great and you can get used ones off ebay pretty cheap. You then just need to get some good ceiling speakers or bookshelf speakers and run the wires to the Russound. 100% reliable. I still have some network audio(logitec squeezebox's) but tempted to swap out for good old fashion speaker wire and speakers. I ran Ethernet to every room but just tired of the random power outages issues, DNS issues, IP conflicts,etc.
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I have two of the B&K CT610's and the HD-6. I initially tried using one driver for the HD-6 and the CT-610 at the same time, but now I have three instances of the same driver. One for each CT610, and one for the HD-6. I have the HD-6 running on IP, and the CT-610 running on serial.

The drivers are rock solid once configured, and the units are fairly configurable with their Windows based setup program.

I don't use the Video Out on the CT-610's.


How big is the performance difference between the 55 watt b&k vs the 20 watt russound? We don't listen to ANYTHING loud anymore, and haven't purchased speakers yet (so could look for efficiency). The two things keeping me from snapping up the b&k are a) power, and b) the fear that it's outdated technology and future development will favor the russound.

Flamin' Noobie...
Warp speed now and don't give me any of that dilythium crystal crap!
What is the efficiency with 1 watt for your speakers? If they are real efficient a 25wpc amp is more than enough, especially if you are not wanting to crank it. 25w is equal to a 14dbw amp as I recall... So add that to your speaker sensitivity, and you will have max spl at 1 meter.
tia, Ron

My HT equipment I want to control by CQC (some day hopefully)
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Surfing quickly seems to show middling efficiency, ie low 90's for dB rating of some popular in ceiling speakers.

I'm really trying to talk myself into the B&k, but am struggling against a Nuvo or Russound. Nuvo gets the nod for what looks like a nicer quality touchscreen, b&k of course gets the power rating. Russound gets e value rating.

I don't think I'll do keypads everywhere. Maybe just one nice touchscreen in the living room for total control. Control in other areas will be via app or idevice and cqc.

Flamin' Noobie...
Warp speed now and don't give me any of that dilythium crystal crap!
I really tried to talk myself into the b&k ct600. There is one on ebay that looks to be in great shape with new remote and rack mount ears etc. But, 55 Watts just couldn't make up for their their atrocious keypads. Picked up a Nuvo Concerto for $400 w/ shipping. Add in another $125 for a single decent touchscreen keypad and $25 for rack ears and I should be good to go.

20 Watts (Russound) seems to me to be a little low for powering 8" speakers, particularly when some may be on long wire runs. 40 Watts seems to me to be the operating minimum for reasonable sound, particularly if I want to double up two rooms onto one zone.

Worst case scenario is I have to re-list the Nuvo and I'm out a hundred bucks.

Thanks for the input guys. If I was going to be pure CQC, I would have gone the b&k route, but since I need a reasonable keypad, that made it a little tough.
Flamin' Noobie...
Warp speed now and don't give me any of that dilythium crystal crap!
FWIW, I use Russound and have never found it lacking for power or fidelity. And the Russound driver has been rock solid.
Thanks for the comment,

Russound seems to be preferred over nuvo with DIY'ers. The nuvo GC seems common among those paying for installs. I just came across the $399 ebay option for a concerto so snapped it up just to get myself moving. We'll see where I am in fare months after I install speakers and try and get things going.

Now I need to start researching speakers; indoor and out.

Flamin' Noobie...
Warp speed now and don't give me any of that dilythium crystal crap!

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