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HDMI Multiroom Distribution

I'm looking for a multiroom distribution solution for HDMI video and audio from devices like PVR, DVD etc, but should also be able to distribute from standard audio devices like a tuner. Then, I would also like to be able to stream audio and video from a NAS.

Anybody have any idea where I can start looking for a solution like this?
i would need 8 zones and about 6 sources. A local zone would also be fantastic.
HDMI distribution options are still fairly rare (at least in the size you need) and extremely expensive. I would highly suggest looking at distributing your HD video signals via RGB video instead of HDMI - especially if you are doing this DIY and on a budget.

There are tons of options to distribute RGB video and it is easy to wire for this too. Personally I use mini-coax cable specifically rated for HD signals.

EDIT - well it appears that the prices for a HDMI matrix switch in the size you need (8x8) have come down drastically. It seems that you can get a new unit for about $1500-$2500 and there are some used units out there (like this one on EBay right now Here is another one with digital audio output as well (

That changes things from back when these units either were not available in that size, or cost $10,000. I'm not sure if there is a driver available for any of these units, but I suspect you could get one written pretty easily. These matrix switches are not very complicated usually from a control standpoint.
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
Man, I paid like $2500 for my component matrix 5-6 years ago including 6 wall plates (Audio Authority). Do the new ones have any handshaking issues? I'd really like to upgrade to the newer ones that do it all using one cat6 cable though.
I found a few of these devices that distribute the HDMI over Cat6.

Generally speaking for an 8x8 matrix you are looking at spending 3k+

google 8x8 hdmi matrix over cat6.

i have these from monoprice

i use my receivers to do the switching, and this probably wont suffice for your needs, but as far as picture quality and reliability i have been very impressed.

also, monoprice does have a 4x4 matrix with 4 sender/receiver. It costs about 1500. i checked to see if they can be daisy chained, but it doesnt appear so. not sure if that will work for you.
I have really been eyeing the HDBaseT stuff. I like that it is standards based and has things like IR and ethernet channel support. There were even a couple of receivers at CES that have an HDBaseT port built in, now if Denon would just jump on board...
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I went for HDanywhere modular, expansive but awesome piece of kit!
I'm "trying" to write the driver for it at the moment...
What a beautiful product - would love to use this at my place, but alas, my budget does not extend that far. Good luck with the driver - there are many here that will halpe out with answering questions.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
wuench Wrote:I have really been eyeing the HDBaseT stuff. I like that it is standards based and has things like IR and ethernet channel support. There were even a couple of receivers at CES that have an HDBaseT port built in, now if Denon would just jump on board...

I agree. In our theater I originally had a cheap ($20) monoprice wall plate. It only needed to send a signal about 30ft. I had never realized that the rare skip in audio was because of the wall plate. So I eventually bought an Atlona (2xcat5) solution to replace and upgrade to hdmi 1.4. I had way more issues than with even my cheapo wall plates.

Anyway, I shelled out the (at the time) $400 for the Monoprice HDBaseT extender, used just one cable and no issues at all. Pretty amazing stuff really. Yesterday I added a TV zone to my Audio Authority and kept thinking how much easier it would be to run just one and not have to worry about the wires tangling as I went.

If I were looking at switching, it would be a no brainer, which is probably why my current equipment has little value now.
AVB is another standard that is on the market. NOt sure how they are going with market penetration though.

I did hear that the HDBT and AVB were working together so there would not be a war of formats.

I also think that one is being used more for higher end commercial stuff.

AVB is a multicast format, where as HDBaseT is a point to point.

Video over cat is definitely the future though, a cable that integrators can install and prepare themselves as opposed to HDMI which needs to be pre-made.

I would love to see TV's support this as well - and manufactures start making HDBASeT tuners/input boxes so there is just one cat5 cable going to the TV for every input (and eventually power).

ALl about 5-10 years away and wishful thinking
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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