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HA Communication Matrix
Now that I (we) have the ability to easily communicate between CQC and our smartphones, I've been thinking of the question of HA communication in terms of: content, conditions, and method. So I've started a list for each and would appreciate your input. What sorts of things do you want your HA system to tell you? How do you receive that information? And what are the conditions which would change the content or method?

Ultimately, I would like to develop a CQC Action and Tasker profile to act as information delivery system which would allow me to change the conditions or methods, in one place.

So to start, here is my list:

Content: What might I want to communicate?
Family members arriving / departing home.
Motion outside the house
Garage doors left open while gone or at night
Incoming calls
Incoming calls from special people
Incoming texts

Conditions: all permutations of:
Day / Night / (triggered or overridden how?)
Phone Normal / Phone Silent
Home / Away
Normal / Alert (heightened security)

Method: How might I communicate?
Emails - no alert, keeps a record
Texts to phone - alerts, keeps a record
Popup on phone - must be looking for it, no record
Speak on phone - must be able to hear the phone, no record
Alarm to phone - extreme emergency overrides all, no record
Speak to home speakers
Select specific security camera

Please let me know your thoughts and we can add to this list. Thanks.
My Other web server is Dropbox.
For speaking to home speakers, if you have a multi-zone audio system, you'd just switch it temporarily to broadcast, if it supports that, say the text using the Speech II driver which is set up for an audio output that is feeding into the MZ audio system, then switch it back out of broadcast mode.

The Speech II driver allows you to define global actions that it will run when there is new text to say, and when all text is spoken, so you can use them for that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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