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Thermostat controlled by ISY/CQC & Elk at same time?
Are there any thermostats that can be controlled by both CQC (Via ISY using Zigbee or Insteon) & the Elk?

I currently have the Aprilaire 8870 hooked up to my Elk via the M1XSP. But, it does not expose as much info as I apparently could get if hooked up directly to CQC. I want to keep Elk control though in the case of my CQC server being unplugged or being down. Don't want to lose some of the basic scenarios that I can have my Elk do (change temp on alarm arm/disarm/vacation). But I also want the extended capabilities of CQC talking directly to the thermostat.

Any recommendations? Needs to be capable of multiple 'client' access/control and also capable of controlling a heatpump/gas furnace and choosing the right one to use based on exterior temperature sensor.

Would be great if a thermo had ability to control a fresh air damper and run just fan to pull in fresh air on a schedule as well.

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