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Latest Version of CQC
Hi Dean

I am planning to purchase the upgrade to the latest version in a couple of weeks so I can spend my Christmas break getting it up and running.

I have been following the changes, and they are quite substantial. Would it be ok to install the latest version on a my laptop so I can do any tweaks there, then when it's all ok, port it to my server? I don't want my server to potentially be down a couple of days if there are driver issues that need fixing.

I also want to see if there is any way I can fix this Sonos issue before committing; we have been having issues the last month with our Virgin Media service, so I now kicked them out and we're waiting for Sky to do their install thing on 11th Dec. So hopefully a whole new system might make this problem just go away (I can only hope)
You could just copy your existing CQC MS directory to your laptop and run the installer to set it up. The only concern is network broadcast packets, but as long as they have separate system ids it should be ok, and when you run the system on the new machine it should see its on a new system and generate a new id and come up in unlicensed mode. But you'll only have 7 days worth of time before it runs out. But, if you wait until just before you are ready to start, 7 days should get you through the break.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ok I'll do that, I have 10 days off just before Christmas, so I'll have a good chunk of time to iron out any issues.

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