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VRC0P Multi Level sensor
Dean Roddey Wrote:It's battery powered, so without sending the other values async it would be sort of semi-useless, right? You can't poll battery powered units of that sort since they aren't on the network actively unless something happens or they wake up periodically to report that they are alive. They usually stay awake for a short period of time after they report something.

The multi-level sensor class uses a scheme where it can report multiple sizes of data, with variable decimal places, and scales, and such. The motion is using the one byte scheme with 0 and 0xFF as the values, which is pretty straightforward.

What does it return for the two queries?

Good point about not being able to poll battery operated units. I will look into how the status can be sent automatically.. I'm not sure yet.

Here is the information that is received back from the unit for the other status updates. For luminance, you issue the command:

Luminance result:
<N050:096,006,002,049,005,003,001,000 (no light)
<N050:096,006,002,049,005,003,001,028 (some light .. 28%)

Temperature command:

Temperature Result:

This thread shows how to decipher temperature from that return:

For battery powered units, mostly, there are only useful for aysnc status report. There will be a group that you have to put the VRCOP's id into and the unit will send the info.

But, it's not generally possible to get the info when CQC starts up. So you can't even ask for it at the start. That makes it fairly useless except as a means to generate event triggers.

Not all units are like that. Some are battery powered but take the hit to stay away, But mostly they will only wake up to send a change, then go back to sleep. And they will wake up once in a while (if you configure the to) and announce they will be awake for a little bit if anyone wants to talk to them. But, you can't really rely on CQC having useful data for them in general, since it may not have become available since the driver came up or recovered from some communications error.

Using them for event triggers is ok since all that requires is that some trigger be sent any time it sends a new async value. Obviously motion sensors are fine for that. luminence and temp less so.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Hi Dean,

For me (not sure about others!), the event trigger is sufficient. I plan to use these as cheap motion detectors for outdoor or bathrooms at night. Motion would trigger a light to turn on and after some period, shut back off.

For the other features, I dont care about luminance. Temperature would be a bonus just to show what its reading, but that is completely secondary.
Did anything ever result from this? I am thinking of buying a handful of the multi-sensors, but want to make sure they actually work for motion/temp/luminance.

Wait, I may have responded in the wrong tab. I am talking about the ZWave multisensor from this thread:

I haven't had a chance yet to add support for multi-level sensors (as a separate thing I mean, that interface is part of some other existing types supported.) It would have to be towards the end of the release period when I'm working on more peripheral things.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Was this ever accomplished in the new z-wave driver? I have a Aeon multi-sensor that I would love to put to use to collect temperature stats.
CQC Noob
There is support for multi-sensors, but because there's sort of no Z-Wave standard (or some people ignore what standards there are) for how they work, it can be a challenge sometimes to deal with them. If they end up requiring special code to support just some model, it's a problem.

I think here are some Aeotec multi-sensors supported already, check to see if yours shows up in the available list. Actually I checked and currently it appears that there is one, the DSB05.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The Aeotec one that looks like a ball works. But the temperature sensor is worthless; totally unreliable. I ended up putting in cheap digital thermometers from Amazon until I can come up with a reasonable solution (Ecobee3?).
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