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4.5 Official Beta Release Thread
Version 4.4.934 is posted, which just has a couple more trailing fixes that were worked out today.
  • Since the My Movies driver was written new images are now being put into the cover art directory, which provide a better choice for large art, since they are large enough, but not overly large like the original ones that the driver has always downloaded. Those originally used files are now more on the order of 'poster art'. So have it look for the more medium sized ones first and try to load those if it can, else take the overly large one if it's all that's available. Also have it look for the thumbs under more file name variations that may be present, or create the thumb from the large art if necessary.

  • The recent media changes forgot to take into account the issues of non-standard media players. They don't work in terms of cookies and repo monikers, but still want to make their cover art available to the Media Image widget. They work fine in the IV, but for RIVA there's an issue. We have to provide keys to the RIVA client that it can pass back to the RIVA server to get the image data. But there's not really any kind of key for these guys. But, what it does is create a pseudo key in the form of

    NSRendArt::moniker plkeydata

    So it's the moniker of the player plus whatever data is in his PLItemKey field. This is set on the image so that the RIVA client will use it as an image key. When that type of image key gets passed back, the RIVA server knows it just has to go the renderer and download the image data from it. The PLItemKey has to change every time the image changes so this should force the RIVA client to get a new image each time it changes. It's not as efficient as a standard renderer but it will work.

    According to how the RIVA client works, it may require a small tweak to make use of this change. The Windows RIVA server did, because it responds specifically to each prefix type, and had to be told about the new one. Others may or may not. The change was trivial and would be so for the other clients as well if they are required.

Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
There were a few trailing changes after the latest beta, that went into the 4.5 release. These were:
  • There's an error in the new V2 Elk M1 driver wrt to storing incoming voltage values. There's a two layed indexing scheme, where the first uses the Elk id (minus 1 for a zero based index) to look into an array to get the actual index of the thing in our list (which only holds the configured stuff) and also is used to tell if the id is one that we have configured. It was using the first level index to access the second level list, so it would end up getting the wrong target thing (or possibly a bad index.)

  • Update the Yamaha RX-A3000 driver to support V2 compliance, and also expand it out to all four zones.

  • The V2 Elk driver client, for lighting loads, is showing Dimmer = xxx, in the settings display instead of Type = xxx, where xxx can be Dimmer or Switch.

  • The V2 Elk driver made a complete hash of the conversion of the Elk id to X-10 house/unit codes in the handling of field writes to lighting loads. It is supposed to use the Elk id and use that to create the correct X-10 codes. But it was using the index of the load within the list of the configured loads, not the Elk id of that load, which was stupid in and of itself, but even had it used the id correctly, the translation from linear, 1 based number to House/Unit code was wrong. Doh!
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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