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Dimmer status
Is there a way to have a LED show the satus of a dimmer... Not just on or off but to have the LED change colors for maybe 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%? Would a volume slider work?
tia, Ron

My HT equipment I want to control by CQC (some day hopefully)
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There's not a clean way to do it. Currently they would be images, so the enumerated image widget is the closest to what would be required, but there's no clean way currently to use one for such a thing. Another way would be to control the opacity of an image based on percentage value, but there's also not currently a clean way to do that that I can think of.

The only sort of hack I can think of would be to set up a logic server field that uses a math type field, which divides the current value of the light dimmer by 4, to end up with 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 as the possible values. Then set up an enumerated image widget to show images for those. But that would be messy if you wanted to do it for more than one or two lights. For that, it really should be something done in the user interface, not on the back end, and there's not currently anything that works that way on the UI side.
Dean Roddey
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