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Toolbar and buttons
Can a tool bar be used with buttons? I think I used it before for this purpose but I can't remember how I did it. I would like to have it change the color of the button when I click to load a overlay... ie. when I click on movies and it loads the movie template I would like the button to show that Movies is on.

tia, Ron

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Tool bars mostly are buttons. You can choose to use different colors for the selected tool bar item, which is done by telling the tool bar which one is selected. Generally you'd have the action for each tool bar button set itself as the active index. The active one can use different fgn1/fgn2 colors to change the text display. If one of them doesn't load an overlay, say it pops up something instead, the action for that one just doesn't set itself as the active toolbar button index, so it won't move the color to there.

Look at the auto-generated templates, which do it that way.

I think you can also have a separate image for the marked item, right?
Dean Roddey
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