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Android based device Voice control of CQC How To Discussion Thread
Given that I prepopulated the Android Voice Control How To with place holders for the content I intend to cover I've started this thread for general discussion and a place where I can post when I've made an update to the how to content.

Let's see how this works.

So I'll start. Just getting started with Tasker and Autovoice. Got some tasks working and a simple one using autovoice to turn a light on.

What I am have a brain freeze is how is everyone getting the voice recognition coming up with a swipe or word? Is it with a Tasker task? If so can you share the profile?

I am running a custom ROM, but I don't think that matters. I can program my launcher for different actions on different gestures.
George M
OK, got it working. Now just waiting to Ben to post the how to on his complicated profile. Looking forward to the How To.
George M
George M Wrote:OK, got it working. Now just waiting to Ben to post the how to on his complicated profile. Looking forward to the How To.

Glad to hear you got it working. I'm traveling for business this week so will be a bit out of pocket, sorry.

Personally I'm running Apex Launcher and have a swipe up function to launch a shortcut mapped to AutoVoice Recognize.

The dev for AutoVoice also just added a way in the latest beta to put something on the desktop directly but I have not had a chance to explore. <edit> strike this, you have the ability to test a command without actually saying it (great for development while laying in bed and not annoying your spouse!) launched from in the AutoVoice application.

I am in the process of writing the Tasker, AutoVoice and basic calls to CQC posts but it will be next weekend before I can get them finished. After that I'll tackle the advanced framework concept. There will be aspects of the advanced framework principles in the basic as it just doesn't make sense to me to have separate events to turn the alarm on / off or lights on / of or to a set level. One mapping should be able to handle this.

Ah, that helps. I was trying like hell to figure out how you managed to get a swipe to be a trigger for an autovoice. Should have realized that you changed the launcher, lol.

If you do a long hold on a screen there will be a choice for "shortcut" in the shortcuts you will see the tasker icon with "recognize" underneath it. I don't have the cool swipe Ben does, but I have an icon on my home screen.

*I've been searching for an alarm clock that works with the Tasker either via 3rd party or the "alarm done" command. Figure that this would allow me to do neat stuff at the moment i am no longer snoozing. Long term of course building it so CQC becomes the alarm but is set from the phone would be cool, but I need baby steps.

-I should clarify. Gentle Alarm is supposed to work, has 3rd party interface but I still can't get it to. Like everything so far with tasker I am sure I am just one check box away. There is also an Autoalarm app that should help this interface, but I figure a native driver is even beter.
Anything going on with this?
My Other web server is Dropbox.

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