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Freaking multi-touch on Win7
So I've now ordered two multi-touch touch pads (the Dell and the Logitech) to try to get a working multi-touch scenario going in my development environment. And neither of these stupid things work.

They don't show up in GetSystemMetrics(SM_DIGITIZER) command as there being any multi-touch device installed. And they don't send either WM_GESTURE or WM_TOUCH messages to my application that I can see. I'm explicitly enabling all gestures, and I've tried registering for raw WM_TOUCH msgs to see if it was sending those but apparently not.

I'm starting to think that all these things are doing is just sending keyboard up and down or scroll wheel messages and never sending any actual multi-touch input to Windows, which is useless.

And there is no useful information on the web about this that I can find. I cannot find one single statement anywhere that would confirm or deny this. I ordered the Logitech because the info I saw implied it supported multi-touch in Win7 specifically, but it looks like maybe that's just marketing and it's just sending standard legacy messages.

Without a means to test these messages within my development environment, I don't have much hope of successfully supporting native gestures, and I'm wasting money on stupid pads that don't do anything as well.

Does anyone know anything about this? Any pad type device that would let me get WM_GESTURE or WM_TOUCH messages within Win7?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I hooked up Spy++ and tested it on a couple windows. It looks like it's just sending WM_MOUSEWHEEL when I do a two finger scroll, which of course makes non-touch enabled apps with scroll-bar'ed windows move up and down. So yet still more money and time wasted. Oy!
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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