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Work Laptop (Win 8) connect to CQC on Home Machine (Win 7 Pro)
My work pc is on a domain. Home pc a homegroup.

When they were both Windows 7 I had no problems connecting. Trying now I cannot seem to get this to work. From googling it looks like in Win8 I cannot be on a domain and join a homegroup like in 7. Perhaps I stink at google though. Is there some other mechanism around this?
CQC does not require a domain or workgroup to function. While I have not played with Win8 personally, if you running DNS it is pretty easy. Make sure you have a forward and reverse entry for each machine. If you are not running DNS, you can put the appropriate entries in your hosts files. I am not sure where that lives in Win8.

A number of ports would have to be opened. It would probably be a bit of a risk to do it directly. It would be better if you used a RIVA client, which only requires two ports and, worst case, some DOS attack would only stop the RIVA server from working, not the other servers. And the RIVA server doesn't have to do any name lookups, you can just put your IP address in as the target server and that's all it requires. It never has to find any other servers by name lookup.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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