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Can I use CQC to push out custom audio through ELK to alarm speakers?
IM fooling around with the ELK and CQC. Am I able to push custom audio from CQC through the ELK so it will go out of the ELKs alarm speakers. If yes, can I choose which output zone?
Not unless you hook up a PC to the Elk speakers directly. The Elk can only play canned words and phrases itself (via the SayPhrase, SayWord fields).
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From a safety point of view. Is there any issue with having wires going to the a speaker from the elk as well as from an amp?
Yes there is a risk if both amps tried to use the speaker at the same time. Some people use an Elk relay to switch the speakers to the amp before sending audio then switch it back.
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Use the elk relays to switch between the amp and the main board. It will need two relays to do this but will work.

When the relay is off the M1 has control of the speakers.

When CQC needs to say something (via the amp) you turn on the relays which disconnects the speaker from the M1 and connects it to the amp. When the phrase/sound has completed turn the relay back off to give the speaker back to the M1.

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You could also usea Niles SPK-1, which allows one pair of speakers to be connected to two amps. I just bought one off eBay a few weeks ago to use two of my home theater speakers for distributed audio. You apply power to the SPK-1 and it switches to the B speaker-level inputs.
I'm looking at using a mixer and muting the TV or music when ELK announcements are made. Not implemented yet but that's the way I'm leaning.
If you have the Elk, I will be safe and use the relays. I know my kids will unmute the TV the instant it mutes. Beating them up after speakers are blown only relieves the pain for a short period.

A single DPDT relay should be sufficient. Use an ELK rule to drive an output on AUDIO AMP ON/OFF and wire the relay to the output. Your PC (connected to the NC side) will own the ELK spkrs unless ELK is speaking/alarming.

Also, make CQC trigger on the output and mute your audio sources when the ELK is speaking. The kids can quickly unmute but it won't hurt anything and they'd have to be really quick to beat the system anyway.


P.S. some amps get pissed if no speakers are connected, but most don't care...

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