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Capture image
In the new version 4.3 you said
Miscellaneous. There are now commands to save to disk or e-mail images retrieved from a web server. This is primarily used to e-mail security camera snapshot images when the security system is tripped.

What are those commands and how do I use them? I am using a webpage to view the video from my geovision cameras and want to capture an image of that and e-mail it to myself.
The camera has to provide a snapshot URL that you send to get a current JPEG (or PNG or whatever) image. It can't grab a snapshot of a video stream or anything like that. If the camera provides a snapshot URL, you can use the
System::EmailURLImage command to do that. You set up an email account in CQC as well, since you have to give the command the name of an existing CQC based email account to mail it to.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
From what I know Geovision doesn't provide a snapshot URL so this doesn't help me. Thanks for the quick reply.

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