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Lighting IP Drivers
I've been cross posting, so i thought i'd start a new thread.

I have cbus in my current flat, and like it, but new flat MAY have to be wireless, and I'm looking to get rid of Serial control if at all possible,

I could go cbus wireless, but UK is discontinued, other option is Rako.

Both drivers i've seen are serial based (and i wondered if anyone was thinking of IP drivers) reason being esp Rako, has a direct iPhone/android app for visitors, other controls, etc.

comments ? Thanks ! Will
In terms of the lighting controller itself, or other devices that require serial control, it doesn't make any difference. Serial over IP is easy, and generally you can arrange to have the server and the controller itself in close proximity and just use serial directly. Throw a GC-100 or Edgeport serial port server wherever you need some serial ports.

The big issue would be the communications between the controller and the modules it controls, right? RadioRA2 might be an option if the modules you need are available for 220.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Kinda yes and kinda no....

I don't really want a Cqc only connection... If the interface is ip then there is probably an app for it so lets say lighting an be controlled directly by a guest on their phone, both cbus and rako have apps that talk directly to the ip controllers but as far as I can see the Cqd drivers are still using the older serial connections
There is the C Bus driver that uses C-Gate which is IP.

Configure C-Gate to use a CNI and then C-Gate can accept multiple connections and uses an ethernet connection to C-bus.

Not sure if C-Gate can use a Wiser or not.

There is no real reason to get rid of the serial interface - as Dean indicates, the use of a device server will allow it to be easy to connect to via TCP/IP.

Good luck finding a solution.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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