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Remote Control Questions
Brian has a good point. My USB-UIRT handles a single remote to control everything. I have a Crosspoint matrix switch in the basement, with component video extenders to the HD sets. One day I may spring for an HDMI matrix but I am totally happy w/ my component video. Anyway, when I change the channel on the remote, it sends the appropriate command to the appropriate cable box in the basement. When I hit power, it tells only that TV to turn off, pause will pause the cable feed or the DVD player, etc. While I am using a smart remote that Comcast supplied w/ the cable boxes, everything is set to cable on each remote.

I still have some IR only TVs left and they are also controlled via USB-UIRT. I would probably do nothing to replace them but IR only sticks you without being able to tell if the device is on.

zaccari Wrote:So, just to add my 2 cents... My last TV, I picked so I *could* connect via RS232. I picked the Sharp Aquos 60" but Samsung had exactly the same TV. My intent is to use a GC100 w/ Dean's new GC100 RS232 driver to put the pieces together. For a remote input, I am using a USB-UIRT over a "USB Extender W/4-Pt Hub, Extends To 150Ft" from

I have used all of these parts before, except the GC100 RS232 driver and the Aquos driver.


You dont need the serial for the Sharp - they also do the same control over IP (read the manual to double check but the last ones I looked at all supported IP control) so save yourself the money on the GC100 (you should use the iTach instead unless you want the IR ability as well).

The only thing to confirm is that the Ethernet port is powered on and will accept an On command when the TV is off.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
I know the LG ethernet is not enabled when the TV is powered off. I actually have a dual serial port GC100 for this location. I have a BetaBrite that goes on top of the TV for notifications of CID etc. At this point I have no intention of using the IR capabilities but the GC100 has relays too that I may use.

Dean Roddey Wrote:You don't necessarily. You just have to find a dealer who is willing to sell it to you, and buy it through the dealer. Other folks have done that often enough. It would be just a purchase, not a customization deal that he is part of.

Just FYI I was able to locate the software along with all of the firmware/manuals took a little digging but now that I have it I can start watching Ebay for my hardware......

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on this......these remotes seem to be by far the best.

Is the Integration Designer 9.0 the latest software?

This looks very interesting... NEEO - The Thinking Remote

...hrm... Kickstarter and their teases ...
--Kill all the serial ports--

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