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HeaterMeter for Pi
Not so much CQC related but definately one for the control freaks, finished soldering up my HeaterMeter for the Raspberry Pi yesterday and had the chance to take it for a run today - one word, cool! This thing bascially ties into your smoker (with the use of a Pi, secondary circuit board, and a fan) and helps regulate the temperatures to ensure a nice even cook. Since we'll occasionaly smoke meat for 8-12 hrs at a time this is a huge help. The bonus is that since it is web enabled I can see/control the temperatures from off site. Wife doesn't really get it but she's also not the one outside in sub freezing temperatures looking after the smoker.....

I was a little worried when I saw the pack of components from Mouser but it was much easier to solder up then I thought.

I tossed a command button on my home CQC IV page to display the temps/graphs of the cook. I can pull it up from any computer to check the pit temp/food temp/etc.
Any plans on cqc integration?
OK, spill the beans - how do you get a graph that good looking. Is that from CQC (database log driver etc) or just an imbedded web page?
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Just an imbedded web page, the Pi programming was taken from the guru at the virtual webber BB ( Really pretty pleased with the performance. Sure makes the process a lot easier - now I can sit out side and "tend" (drink) by the smoker......

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