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Getting the CQC logo out there
In researching many devices/projects I come across a lot of sites that list "partners"

The lastest one is Oppo.

At the bottom of one of their support pages they have the Crestron logo.

We need to get the CQC logo onto these pages as well once a driver has been written and confirmed/comitted.

Global Cache is anther one that comes to mind. We now have great support for the entire range of hardware they produce and a serial port emulator. The CQC name should be listed somewhere on their site as well.

Dean - More press released are needed as well - cheap advertising.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Yeh, I have to admit I'm not good at this kind of thing, and of course they are a lot less likely to put our logo on the page even if we do support their stuff. They sometimes may figure Crestron's logo helps them sell stuff and having ours helps us sell stuff.

But I'll try to do better on this front.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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