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ITunes Repo and Remote Player
I got thinking about this.

1. You must have iTunes running on the remote machine if you introduced a new track on that machine that the Tray monitor picked up on the main machine. Correct?
2. My issue is the reverse of yours, which I hope you can test; Set up iTunes on the master machine with Tray Monitor and set that as the repo. Add no players to that machine; Install a player on the remote machine. let me know if it works. My guess - it will not.

I replicated your setup in your test, and it worked. I went back to my real environment as above, and no workie.
Dave Bruner
The only iTunes that matters is the one where the Tray Monitor is running and is therefore feeding an iTumes repo. That iTunes of course has to be the one used to manage media since it's the one that is feeding the repository driver. iTunes on any other machines don't come into play at all, except in the scenario where you want to play protected MP4 files, and then it's only to get the right libraries on that machine that the player requires. The players don't use iTunes at all. All they get is a network path from the iTunes that is providing the repository and they go try to play that file directly.

There shouldn't be any other Tray monitors talking to any other iTunes anywhere else, unless you want another iTunes repo to be available as well.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean - I get all of that but it still does not address my confiruration. I see what you type and understand, but still think that htere is a difference when the player is on the remote and iTunes is on the master. If the other way around, it works.
Dave Bruner
I just tested this scenario and it works fine. The steps I had to take are:

1. Move the iTunes repository to a shared directory. It doesn't appear to have an in place conversion, so I created a new directory, shared it, changed the iTunes database location to that shared directory, then did File -> Library -> Consolidate. It copied the files to the new directory and they now show up via that shared directory when I right click -> Get Info. Stop the tray monitor, stop iTunes, then start the tray monitor up again. This seems to be required after doing this since the sort of automatic updating done by the tray monitor doesn't seem to cover radical surgery like this.

2. That shared directory has to be set with the correct sharing permission. Go to it in the file explorer, right click, and select Share With -> Specific People. In the drop down list, select Everyone, since this is just media data. That means anyone can get to it.

3. Set up the CQC service on the remote machines where the players are running so that they log in using an administrative account that has access to the machine where the files are. It can't be just a local account since that won't have access to file shares on the other machine. In a non-domain based system, that means an account with the same name and password.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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