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RadioRa 2 - intercept switch action?
If a RadioRa 2 wall dimmer switch is hit, is there a way to intercept and stop or change the command? I'm mainly thinking something like if the bedroom wall switch is hit after midnight, go to 30%. If pressed twice within a few seconds, which is normally a toggle and would turn off, I'd like to go to 100%. Thanks.

You can't do that with dimmers, since the dimmer always just does what it's supposed to do locally, and just reports level changes to CQC. You can do it with keypads. Here's the docs:

If you set up a keypad for single control mode, it will send out notifications to CQC, which CQC will in turn send out as User Action event triggers. You can use that to invoke a Triggered Event. You'll get the keypad name and component number of the keypad button pressed.

However, you'd have to have some way to link a particular keypad button to a particular light. You wouldn't want to have one triggered event for each keypad/light combo. That would get pretty tedious.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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