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Flash house lights on alarm
I have my system connected to my Elk alarm system. So when the alarm goes off I want to flash my house lights. I have done this but it is not very good and I think I did it the hard way. Using Insteon for my lights so have to do a command for each individual light to turn on. Then doing a countdown timer and on that trigger turning the lights off. Then another countdown timer and trigger to turn back on. Then in all of this it has to look and see if the alarm has been turned off. If so then what do I do with the lights? Can I know the state of them before the alarm and set back to this or just turn them all off?

So this works but is not reliable. Is there a simple way to do this? What are other people doing?
I use Jetstream lights which can be controlled directly by CQC. I have a scene set up in Jetstream which blinks all the lights I have selected. CQC simply turns that scene on. Let me know if you need details.
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I guess it really comes down to your lighting system and if there is an "all on" and "All off" command. If not, then I think it would be very cumbersome to program all of that.

What is the reasoning for wanting to do this? Could you get away with only flashing certain key lights? Could you use the strobes designed for the ELK system instead of the lighting system?
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Yeah, it's not easy with Insteon. I think some systems like UPB have a flash command.

I would just flash them and not worry about returning them to the last state. And if you set the ramp rate which can be done at the scene level, you might get away without worrying about timers, etc.
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I'm not the expert on the ISY99i but I'm 99% sure that one of the features it gives you is the availability of scenes. In a scene I imagine you could create one scene for all lights on and another for all off then use your Elk timers to toggle.

I do not have the ISY99i. I just have the module which allows my computer to communicate directly with the Insteon lights. They do have a all on but I believe it is just for the X10 stuff as I never got it to work with my lights.

I am just trying to flash certain lights: the ones in the area of the intrusion and ones to alert people from the street. This would go along with my siren to scare the intruder away.

So with that being said what is the easiest way in CQC to do this? I know things have changed in CQC since I originally programmed it with the countdown timers and triggers on the count of zero. There is a easier way now to do this right?

This is what I have for when the alarm goes off and it starts flashing the lights. This code is on the Flash Lights Off trigger when the Countdown timer gets to 0:

So on FieldChange for CDTimer31 (equals 0) it runs this code:


**do this for each light I want off.

If Not System::Equals

P2=ResetCD 32 Seconds 2


**CDTimer31 & 32 are the countdown timers for the flash on & off - 2 secs.
CDTimer30 is my countdown timer for how long the lights will flash. When the alarm is disarmed then I have another trigger that will change CDTimer30 to 0 and turn all the lights off.
If you are only going to wait 2 seconds, don't use a second timer. Just turn the lights off, Pause 2 seconds, then turn them back on. That'll simplify it a lot.
Dean Roddey
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Thanks Dean I will try that.

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