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Email status

I think this question has been asked before, with a 'not yet' answer; is this still the case -

Is there a way to email the outcome of a scheduled or trigger event, even just 'success' or 'failure'?

The event itself could do that, but there's no built in way to do it. And of course that's the sort of thing you'd need to be very careful about, else you could end up with a huge bill.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Huge bill?
You aren't careful to prevent some sort of freak out from sending you ten thousand emails in a day or something through your wireless account. You have to be careful any time you are automatically sending e-mails, to protect against unforeseen consequences.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Karen, it is a bit unclear what you mean by "outcome" of an scheduled or triggered event....

If the scheduled or triggering event is supposed to do something (e.g. turn on a light), I generally put a System>Email command right after the "do something" command in the action dialog of the scheduled or triggered event to test my logic on the theory that, if I get the email, the light (for example) went on because the scheduled event happened or the triggering event occurred.

Is that what you are after? Or are you trying to get an email about the scheduled or triggering event itself (e.g. an alarm zone being violated)?
Oh! Confusedhock: Yeah, I did an 8 month uni module on computer forensics, don't want to turn myself into a spammer!! :-D

TurboSam, I currently have an email trigger at the end of a scheduled task to turn off all the lights. Once I get to work though, my head is full of other stuff so if I don't get an email (ie the task failed) I won't even realise. Basically, I need something to say "hey, I didn't work!"

My wireless at home has been a bit iffy lately, and I've had two occasions this week when the dropped connection caused things to grind to a halt. (I'll eventually wire my server in, but right now I'm working on my laptop as it's easier for dev).

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