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Problem setting up UPB driver
I can't get it working though it works fine with UPstart. How can I further troubleshoot this?

I have the demo installed and I'm trying to get one UPB device working. Its a UML-E-W lamp module. I successfully got it working with Upstart with com3. I saved the configuration, closed UPstart, restarted CQC.

CQC driver statistics say (and are increasing):

Failed writes = 68
Loss Comm Res = 67

Driver state toggles : Wait for comm resources and wait for connect

C:\Program Files (x86)\CQC\CQCData\MacroFileRoot\Drivers\UPB\UPB.csv


I figured it out.

The serial port is configured as my logged in user. I changed CQC to run as my user account and it works.

Thanks for making me write out my problem which probably caused me to figure it out. Smile

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