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Denon/Yamaha Network Receivers?
So the receivers from Denon and Yamaha that are networkable both seem to have 'control' apps for tablets and phones. I am wondering if 1) a driver would be possible for them, but more importantly 2) will the devices be 'wakeable' from the network port?

In my search for a network/controllable TV I have come to learn that a lot of them turn networking off until they are physically turned on, which sort of defeats the purpose.

Anyone know?
Most Denons can be powered on via the IP/Serial interface. Some of the really old ones couldn't.

The last 3808ci firmware caused some issues where the device stopped talking on the IP connection and has to be physically power cycled (at least for me). It may be related to if you use internet radio or not, I haven't run it down yet. So I would stay away from that model.
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Some will have a setting that tells it whether to keep the network connection up when in standby mode or not, and it defaults to not since for most people that's probably a reasonable setting that minimizes power consumption.
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