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ELK Police Alarm
I'm trying to set the "Police Alarm" using the Elk driver in version 4.0. In ElkRP2, that is accomplished by activating Event 23, typically with a keypad.

So far, I've played around with InvokeCmd using ActivateTask, but that doesn't seem to work. Before I go through every permutation of InvokeCmd and then Passthrough, I thought I would ask if anyone knows how to do this. Thanks.
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Well, if you have the latest version of the driver (2.2), you can use the
KeypadFKey : keypad#, fkey# command. This simulates a function key being pressed on the keypad. Here is the code I use in my UI:

If IntfViewer::InvokePopup
    P2="Invoke Police Alarm?"
    P3=0 0

    P2=KeypadFKey : 2, 2

(I use keypad 2 because keypad 1 is an outdoor arming station)

Hey Dean, has 2.2 made it into the main code base yet?

If not, you can get it here:

Is that driver only for serial or will it work for network also?
George M
Bob: Thanks for that. As usual, whenever I wonder if the answer is A or B, it ends up being C.

George: If you look at the whole thread Bob links to, you will see the IP version.
My Other web server is Dropbox.
My Elk died and I've not had the chance to get it replaced yet, so I've not had a chance to do any work on the Elk driver to incorporate some of these changes.

I need to contact them again and see if I can get a response.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Figures. I tend to have redundant systems for everything. I recently considered a backup for my ELK and decided, nah, that thing is like a rock. Guess not.
My Other web server is Dropbox.
Mine isn't a production system, it's just for testing. And it's pretty old now, I guess ten years or more. So it's spent most of the time under the bed. I need to get it out and try to connect with the serial port directly just to be sure and see if RP can talk to it that way. Maybe the configuration just got hosed. I think I tried that back when it died, but I'll try it again and if it's still dead I'll make another attempt at contacting them for a replacement.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
So is this new driver still "beta?"

And does anyone know any other way to use passthrough or invokecmd to activate a panic alarm with ELK?
My Other web server is Dropbox.
I don't think so with the shipped driver. Well, you could set up a task to do it and use InvokeCmd to invoke the task, right?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
InvokeCmd can run a task (which can trigger a rule), but rules don't have the ability to invoke events or set off alarms (odd, isn't it).

However, keypadFkeys can invoke Events which include alarms and keypadFkeys can be activated from the RS-232 protocol.

This is why I added it to the new version of the driver. I think the driver is quite stable, and I put a lot of effort into the improvements (particularly the event log and the violated zones list), but if you really don't want to use it, you can invoke a keypad function key from the Passthrough field (which exists in both versions).

FieldWrite(Security.Passthrough, "kf012") will invoke function key 2 on keypad 01.


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