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Lutron Radio RA2
It is a two way protocol. That's optional but the driver enables that. If you bought these guys used, maybe there are firmware updates available?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
(02-24-2019, 07:33 PM)rtarver Wrote: Cost is always a factor.... I'm in it at this point for a radio and one switch.  Almost snagged a really good deal on 20 switches, but they weren't the 'neutral wire' versions.  While I could probably have made them work, I passed.

So here's my current dilemma.  I have my landscape lighting set to come on at sunset +30 minutes to 70%.  Then at midnight they all drop to 30%.  And at sunrise -30min they go to zero.    I have 3 UPB zones and 1 Lutron zone.  The Lutron light is often still on when I leave in the am if I'm late.  I can drive it to 'zero' with my phone and webriva, but strangely the light will pop back on after about 2 seconds.  I can drive to 100% and then to zero and it might pop back on again.  If I set it to some value and then back to zero enough times, it'll stick.  What am I missing?  It almost seems like some logic in the dimmer itself.

Also, when I change the intensity via webriva, the led indicators don't always seem to respond.  I'm getting the sense that this isn't a two way protocol; ie CQC will tell the light what to do, but doesn't get a response back when the change occurs.  The only way my interface pages stay updated is when the change is made by the interface and not at the switch.

Any thoughts anyone?


Are you using CQC to set these levels via timed events or the Radio Ra built in time clock events in the main repeater? If you are using CQC make sure there are not Events in your main repeater confusing things.  I have done that by accident.
Pretty sure only CQC, but IÔÇÖll check to make sure. Sometimes you forget what you did during initial setup.
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