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Playing iTunes on remote player
Just to place a cap on this; After going in circles for about a week; trying all of the options with my hardware combination and set up; I ended up back with Squeeze for several reasons;

1. The performance was exceptional as compared to the other solutions. I am running the repository on the master server and pushing three music sources to a remote PC that is connected to a distribution amp.
2. Squeeze provides more availability of options. I'm am running iTunes music, Pandora and Internet Radio all via squeeze server and all mountainously without issue.
3. Network traffic and processors are all happy.

The only downfall is that I can not play DRM'd music, so this will force my hand to convert about 120 tracks or so to non-DRM. I also wish that the Squeeze driver was written or updated to take the current offering of CQC widgets into use, but the timing was not correct. The original squeeze driver existed far prior to the advanced widgets we have today.

All in all, it is now time to go and re-design my interface to match my new capability. I appreciate the assistance and comments through this process.
Dave Bruner

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