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Who is using user actions?
I need to setup a triggered event on a user action for the new scene controller support in the vrcop zwave driver. Dean stated that the scenen controller sends user actions with the name of the controller and the scene number evoked.

is this something like backpatiocontroller.1?

For the triggered action I see there is "is user action from", "is user action for" etc. Which is the best to use and how should it be configured?
Check the documentation in the Event System technical doc for the specifics. They will be two separate values. Typically you want to filter on driver moniker and the first value (controller name in this case), then you can react to the second value within the action. That's donewith the User Action For, which lets you filter on those two things.
Dean Roddey
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I find it easiest to use CQCEventDump from the CQC command line to determine the event parameters. As for the whole which action to use it depends on what you are trying to filter and how specific you want to be.

For example:

The ISY driver sends User Action Events any time a variable is updated. I used to use is User Action For, but that will trigger on any User Action Event from the driver of type Variable. So I had to parse out the variable name myself from the data.

I recently changed to Is This User Action which allows you to filter on the Driver, Type and Data and I now have one triggered event for each variable.
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Yeh, it depends on whether the second value is something you want to react to in the action itself (i.e. it's an event where something goes off or on and you want the same action to handle both on and off), or if you want the action to only handle one set of values for both and to be able to assume it's only been invoked because they occurred.

In a lot of cases what's important is what specific thing happened, in which case you generally only care about the first value in terms of filtering, and the action just knows it got called because something happened to the thing referenced in the first value. If you want to run something if a lock is either locked or unlocked, for instance, and the action itself looks and sees which state it went to (or doesn't even care which state it went to, only that it changed, for instance if you wanted to speak the new state.)

In other cases you may want to filter for both of them. So, if you wanted to run the action only if a specific lock went to a specific state and the action can assume that state has occurred.
Dean Roddey
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I have
"Is User Action For"
Device: Lighting.BackPatioController
Type: 2 (for scene 2)

nothings happening.

How does this CQC event dump work?
You didn't provide a device, you provided a field (or a unit name in the form of a field). If it asks for a device, it wants a device moniker. It'll ask for a field when a field is appropriate. The type would be the first value, so the name of the controller in this instance. So presumably you would want:

Device: Lighting
Type: BackPatioController

The event dumper is just a simple command line program that will show you all triggers that are being sent out. Open the CQC Command Prompt and run:

Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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