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Template Viewer Throws Errors While GUI Idle
I help maintain a CQC system that I set up several years ago for a friend. It was on 2.X for many years with no issues. I recently upgraded it to 4.2.9, and now the GUI will randomly popup up the following error.

CIDLib Kernel Runtime Error
Application: CQCIntView
Module/Line: 1331
CIDLib Error: 1000
Kernel Error: 0
Host Error: 0
Error Text: An unhandled CIDLib exception was thrown by GUI code. Value '/cqsl.header/sysid' was not found in this event.

This happens randomly while the GUI is just sitting idle, and does not appear to be associated with any particular event or action. Any ideas?
It sounds like either he has two systems running in the same network, one of which is still pre-4.2, or he didn't upgrade all of the machines. The format of the event triggers changed for 4.2, and so a newer machine seeing triggers from an older one will get that error.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
That could very well be it. The old server is still on the network being used for other purposes. I'll make certain that there are no CQC pieces still active.

Thanks for the feedback!

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