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Z-wave door/window sensors
I have a Aeon Labs (DSB04100) and Homemanageable (HM-DW001) Z-wave door/window senors included in my network. I'm using a Leviton VRC0P as the controler and CQC interface. The problem is I can not find any documentation on what group number to set the unit assocation for these sensors so they can report their status. Right now the DW sensors show up in CQC, but no matter if they are made or open, they are not showing their status in the field browser. Anyone have these sensors are using them sucssesfully?

If you can't find any docs, try group 1 and add the VRCOP to it. Be sure to mark them as motion sensors in the configuration so that they will send out motion triggers.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Group 1 worked with the Home Manageables switch, but not the Aeon Labs one. Searching the internet for any info...

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