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SMS with ifttt
karenlee Wrote:plus I am in the UK not USA, so I suspect the SMS driver wouldn't work for me/would cost me money (although I haven't tried it). But in any event, the initial command has to be triggered from my watch, not from CQC.

I am in Aus and wrote the drivers and there is no real issue with country boundaries. The SMS driver does require an account with the provider which does cost you money to buy a number of messages, but its cheap.

If your watch is sending an SMS, then theoretically you could end it to the SMS provider who in turn sends a post requires to your server. If IFTT is free and working there is no reason to change.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
I set up your SMS driver today. Realizing after that being in Canada I can't get a dedicated number therefor there wont be anyway to go from SMS to CQC with Global SMS. That said. The Driver works very well and if I could get a dedicated number I think this would be a nice solution.
Just finished setting up IFTTT and PushingBox similar to Karenlee (Good find). It's a dirty hack of a solution with too many moving parts and relying on too many systems. But in the end it works surprisingly well.

I now have a 2 way and a dedicated number (so I can associate a ringtone to incoming messages) SMS system. I can also control CQC from Siri/SMS and I have CQC reporting back via SMS.

Also added, I have IFTTT DO button giving one-way control of CQC with feedback via SMS. This means I could control CQC from an Apple Watch or other wearable using IFTTT DO watch app. However this is far from ideal in respect to response time and no real in app two way feedback.

But yeah Apple Watch, we support that Smile

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