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IRIS Home Automation products
Has anyone tried them? They sell them at Lowes but there is not much info on them. I was thinking of getting it if it integrates with my smarthome insteon, and UPB switches. Anyone know if they will work together or have any comments/

tia, Ron

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I thought someone mentioned on Cocoontech that they were zigbee based, in which case it will work with neither Insteon or UPB. You might search there.
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Here is where you have to be careful, because I DO use ZigBee, but these IRIS products still won't work for me.

Zigbee itself is just a dumb pipe, but its the profiles that get the job done. Devices need to support the "Home Automation" profile to be interoperable. having said that, things still may not work. For example, my HAI panel supports ZigBee, and it supports the Home Automation profile, but it doesn't support dimming devices, power monitoring, or sensors, which are all supported in the HA profile.

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