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CQC Version 4.2 Released
[The contents of this post was accidentally erased. It will be restored soon.]
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
A followup 4.2.5 release has been made available on the web site. This update takes care of a number of things that weren't reported/caught until after the 4.2 release was done, and adds one important improvement. Among the visible changes are:
  • The primary reason you would want to upgrade from 4.2.0 is that a number of networking optimizations have been done and the product should now be, depending on the size, complexity, and configuration of your system, from noticeably to very much faster. Larger systems with more drivers and fields will typically benefit particularly, and also on certain combinations of Windows versions translation of host names to addresses can be quite slow and this version works around that slowness.
  • If you use Z-Wave via the Leviton VRCOP driver, support for scene controllers has been added. You can associate scene controllers with the VRCOP, and the CQC driver will send out User Action triggers indicating which unit/button number was pressed so that you can have CQC react to them.
  • The National Weather Service driver was updated to handle HTTP redirects, since they have recently started redirecting clients from the actual URL to other servers.
  • The Denon 3805 driver now correctly handles powering up the secondary zones upon load in order to get the status of the zones, and makes sure that they get powered back off if they were off at the time.
  • When configuring daily/monthly type scheduled events, the support for manually pushing the start time forward wasn't working correctly, so you couldn't require these types of events to start running at some point in the future.

If you are already on 4.2, then there will no need to re-license. This is a revision upgrade from 4.2 so your existing license already covers it.

[INDENT]Note that it is recommended that you enable IPV6 as of CQC version 4.2. Some people disable it since it's often not explicitly required, but it has benefits and CQC will make use of it. Once nice benefit is that you don't have to set up DHCP to assign addresses in order to get the benefits of static addresses. Each computer can create guaranteed unique local network addresses, and they will not change since they are based on the MAC address of your network adaptor. So it doesn't require that your router support handing out IPV6 addresses (unless you are getting IPV6 addresses from your ISP for public use.) These automatically generated addresses are only used locally within your network.[/INDENT]

Some forum user quotes about this release:

Quote:Just to reiterate, the performance improvement on my taRiva clients is just phenomenal!!! What once took an appreciable & noticeable amount of time now happens nearly instantaneously. (Xoom, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Evo LTE (One X), Nexus S 4g) This just rocks!!! - Batwater

Quote:On my test & production systems the responsiveness is MUCH better. Before this pressing a button on a touchscreen was always a "did I hit that or not", now, it is an "eye-blink" response to load a new template. - Mark

Quote:Just installed it last night. I can confirm that speed improvements are quite noticeable as others have reported, especially taRiva. - Shakey
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
There is another followup release available now, 4.2.9, which provides some more fixes and small improvements based on user feedback since 4.2.0 was released. Some of the changes are:
  • Better recovery of clients when a server is stopped and restarted.
  • Some more performance enhancements, though not anything that will provide the same sorts of performance improvements that 4.2.5 did. These are more incremental.
  • A long hidden bug in a very fundamental part of the code was fixed. This one could, under specific conditions, cause memory corruption.
  • Some cleanup of the logs, so that some messages are no longer repeatedly logged if there are network issues or a server is taken down.

It is recommended that you upgrade to this version. If you have already upgraded to one of the earlier 4.2.x versions, your license already covers this version, so no relicense is required.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
There is another (and likely final) 4.2 followup release available, 4.2.17. This one introduces some fairly major new features, and a lot of small improvements and fixes.
  • There is now a new Tray Monitor program. This program subsumes (and improves on) the old App Control server, provides a popup menu to start/stop the CQC service conveniently, and provides a new interface to iTunes. You can ask the installer to have it auto-start on any login, and it doesn't need to come forward when doing its App Control chores.
  • New drivers include Roku media player, new iTunes repository and player control drivers that work through the new Tray Monitor program. The VRCOP Z-Wave driver has been significantly updated.
  • The installer has been updated to support the new Tray Monitor, and it also now checks for running client side apps that need to be stopped in order for the install to complete (and can generally stop them for you.)
  • You can now associate Media Image widgets with a player's current item cookie, instead of collection/titleset, which allows you to get the correct cover art even when an item is playing via a playlist, which was previously not possible.
  • There is a new 'lock status' standard event trigger, which can report lock/unlock status changes for door locks. The VRCOP driver has been updated to support this type of trigger. The TrigEvent action command target has a new GetLockStatusInfo() command to get the lock status info that triggered the event.

For more info on the Tray Monitor see the Utilities Guide technical document. If you want to install it, do a Fully Custom install and page through your settings until you get to the Tray Monitor Options page and set it up how you want.

For more information on the new lock status trigger stuff, see the Event System Guide technical document.

If you are using the old iTunes driver (and its related old tray app) remove those and convert over to the new ones. They will provide considerably better performance, and the new driver will auto-update to reflect changes made in iTunes, so you don't have to force reloads to pick up changes.

If you want to use iTunes as a player as well, there is a new player driver that works through the Tray Monitor as well. Or you can use our headless player if you want.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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