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Triggered Event on "last light is off"
Hiller Wrote:Couldn't you add another switch in your room that would be a master off "scene"
for the house? The switch could turn the rest of the lights in the house off and set then set the house to sleep?

I am really new to the lighting thing but I'm trying to learn before I spend the cash for it so my suggestion might be way off...

Yeah, I hadn't thought of that. I just need to figure out where/how to mount it, so it's not accidentally hit, not unattractive or oddly placed (WAF), and also so it's convenient for both me & wife depending on who goes to bed first.

I'm also going to research that phone via Elk thing that Squintz mentioned.

This is where VoiceRecog would help - I could just say "Go to sleep, Dean". (cuz you know, i'd hire Dean to do the recording for my HA announcements)
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