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Triggered Event on "last light is off"
IVB Wrote:Yep, highly personal.

If there was a telephone or voice recognition interface to CQC, I'd agree with you. But I don't want to have to go to a touchscreen just to do this. I don't have a touchscreen next to the bed, so this means i'd have to do something like "put house to sleep, but turn these lights off in 1 minute so I can physically get to the bed."

We live in Oakland - the house goes into Armed Stay mode at 8pm :-)

IVB, if you have an elk then you could use a phone to trigger an even. You can use one of the elks outputs (with nothing actually connected) and set the output to on or off depending on the mode of the house you want. Then CQC could trigger off the change of that output. Use an output higher than 16 because the elk actually has 1-16 onboard and anything higher than 16 are virtual outputs unless you have an expanded board.

Another trick that might work if you have IR throughout the house is to pick a button on the remote that does nothing normally. I know just about every remote I own has some IR button that does nothing when pressed. CQC could trigger off of the IR signal.

Lastly, you could monitor a small set of lights such as those in the bedrooms where you would normally be when you are about to go to bed. Setup a timer that starts when a light is first turned on and a variable that is incremented only after the timer has start and resets to 0 when the timer has finished. If the counter reaches 2 before the time runs out then CQC would put you house in NightMode. You would simply have to turn the light on and off and on and off and CQC would trigger off of that.

I am sure there are other ways. You need to use every sensor you have installed including Doors, Lights, Motions, Clocks to determine exactly what would warrant the house being in NightMode. You probably have your TV in your room wired to the system somehow. You could put the TV on a certain channel which would start a timer and if the tv is still on that channel after 2 seconds then trigger an event.
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