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RIVACmd Cross-Platform Standardization Discussion
Guys, couple things. I was hoping this thread would be for other RIVA developers and advanced users to weigh in on some kind of standardization for client-side processing of these new arbitrary RIVA commands. We're breaking the fourth wall so to speak for the first time in RIVA and I'd like to keep it consistent for users if possible. I guess that's just Dean and Fonceur for now, but also anybody else hiding out there working one for any other platform.

Second, there is a new CQC iOS app in the works (been in the works for a while but real life keeps getting in the way). It will NOT in the short term be a native template viewer, though that could come at some point built atop the same architecture. I'll post some more information about it in another thread.

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RIVACmd Cross-Platform Standardization Discussion - by SamVimes2 - 06-08-2012, 12:11 PM

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