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RIVACmd Cross-Platform Standardization Discussion
This may not be a direct answer to the question "other RIVA Commands" but more of a request for functionallity. I use the current iOS RIVA client in a couple of ways. One is from my iPad as a local client in my house. I also use the iPhone in a couple of ways. One is remotely accessing the house and the other is in a commercial system I sell to manage AV equipment in sports bars. My customer has the ability to use their iPhones to control the equipment while talking to customers in the bar. I very pleased with the RIVA client and I would like to see it enhanced.

The two main functions I would like to see added are 1) the web widget thingie. In my opinion, any good home automation package has to support the iOS devices and have the ability to display security video both locally and remotely. If the web widget thingie is the best way to have that functionallity then that needs to be in the client.

The second functionallity that I would like to see is to implement the multi-touch capability of the iOS devices. The iOS client has limited ability to scroll the screen by dragging the finger or a flick. But I would like to see that added on a CQC overlay basis. That way, as an example, if you have a list of things in an overlay and you flick the screen, just the list scrolls - not the whole page.

Thanks for developing the iOS client. It's a great product.


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