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Will this hardware do?
znelbok Wrote:There are a lot of good write-ups on how to do a cut down version of XP. I run XP as a CQC Server on 256mb and an old pentium processor and it does very well. has been running like this for over a year.

its probably easier to go this route then XPe.

is there a newer version of windows embedded (W7 equiv)?

Good luck with it all. I wish I had seen this when I was looking for something.


There is a win7 starter edition, only allows 1 open window at a time. I think it was created for single core netbooks, which I'm sure the D525 surpasses.

I bought the unit and it arrived as expected. The only unfortunate issue is that the stock handles are a little too deep for my media closet. I was planning on mounting reverse on the back rail so it shouldn't be an issue.

I dropped in a 4Gb stick of memory pulled the fan off the cpu... we'll see how that goes. It boost, to bios at least. Now I need to find an SSD with about 60Gb or less ($$$ drives this one).

I think I figured out how to get a copy of the windows OPK that will let me develop embedded images without a timed license. I contacted one of the microsoft embedded partners and told them I was building some controller hardware/software and wanted to know how to get a copy of XPe. They were gracious enough to send me some license agreements that should get me the required software.

MS doesn't charge for this once you're licensed... they figure nobody goes through the trouble of generating an embedded image just so they don't have to pay for a copy of windows. They also want to make it easy for the big guys to generate images for their hardware they will then spend $100/license to sell.

I'll update once I get software and a drive.


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