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CQC Logic programming w/ movie watch list
Dean, et al

I wanted to ask a question about logic programming since I haven't reviewed the programming much yet.

In my ML installation, my wife and I ran across the problem of selecting movies. Our proces would go something like this: I would open up page one and if I saw something I felt like watching I would call it out... she would say yes, no, or maybe. We would go through 15-20 pages like that and when we got to the end we couldn't remember which movies were 'maybes'.

So, I defined 10 variables and an if-then-else loop and whenever we came to a maybe movie, a single tap on the movie would put it at the top of the list, any existing movies would shift down. Much like an old school pop-stack. When we got to the end, we had a list of ten movies on screen and could review or launch from there.

How easy/hard would something like this be to accomplish with CQC?


Someone else posted a similar question and I got confused and thought he was you so I posted the answer to your question in his thread here:
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks Dean,

I would have posted my code, but I wasn't on my server. I'll see if I can edit my original post some evening so others can see what I was achieving.


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