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Help with new server and CQC upgrade
Hello folks,

I've been away from HA for a while now, life and work and such, but am starting to focus back on it. Currently my main server is a 4U WHS (original) machine that is pretty old, rocking a Athlon XP 3600 processor I think. I'm also getting some instability on the machine, it locks up about every two weeks where I have to hard reboot it to work. I'm also running CQC 3.3.0 which I know is an older version of the software.

So I built a new server and in the process want to upgrade CQC. My question is really around the strategy for upgrading and the OS on the new server. I can get Win7 32bit or 64bit, XP, and WHS Original & 2011. I have 8 GB of ram in the new server, so I would prefer to go with a 64 bit OS to use all of that, but are there issues with 64bit systems? I've no experience with the new WHS, so don't know if any of the add-ins i use work, etc.

With CQC what would you guys recommend? I'll be jumping quite a few versions and going to a new box, so I'm assuming a new install for CQC, but what is the best way to get my current system migrated? I'll list my drivers below to give an idea what I'm looking at. All and all I'm dreading the work involved in this, probably why I've put off the upgrade for so long. I really do not want to rebuild all my templates and code. Any help or past experience would be much appreciated.

Drivers: LogicServer, MyMovies, NuvoEG6, Sage Player and Server, TR40 stat, UPB, Weather Channel (I know this one needs changed), and Z-wave.
There shouldn't be any issues with CQC on the 64 bit version these days. Lots of people are running the latest versions on WHS 64 bit without issues, and presumably My Movies as well.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Good to know about 64bit. Any suggestions or best practices for getting my old system back up and running on CQC 4.1 and a new OS? Should I install my current version of CQC (3.3.0) on the new machine then "upgrade" to 4.1? Or should I go straight to 4.1 and do something?

For MyMovies, which is my movie datebase, and Sage, which I use a HD200 to provide the connection to my HT setup, will I need to upgrade those pieces of software? I'm on Sage 6.0 and MyMovies 2.56 for WHS.
Do you have anything from your previous setup that you want to preserve? If not, just go straight to the latest version and start fresh. If you do, copy over your CQC directory from the old machine to the new. Then run the latest version installer. Tell it you want to find an old installation and navigate to there and select the version info file as it instructs. That will upgrade it, and it'll go into trial mode. Then just send me the install key and I can send you your new license.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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