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CQSL Media Repo & File Tags
Trying to follow Dean' speed install video to try out CQC and stuck on the cqsl media repo driver. I used the J.rivers media manager to tag the files. I was pointing it to a music folder about 7gb and later just tried to point to a single music album folder, but still the driver shows as connecting. i did a capture and - please let me know what am i doing wrong.

I used JRivers to tag or verify the tags of the music album. is this correct or the dver needs another xml file with media info

Also - tired to use to CQC media manager to rip CD's buts that's a chicken-egg-problem - the manager app need the Mediarepo driver to be working before it can start.

Also I added the VLC player driver - its shows connected. but does not show up in the "Room Config"--> Configure section Movie Player drop down list. Dean's example show the Zoom player - but that does not work on the free version of zoom player. is VLC player driver for streaming just music or can it do Movies ?
A couple things...

1. If you use Jriver, you don't want to use the file tag repo. You want to use the JRiver repo driver, and you want to do an export of the repository to XML, then you point the driver at that. It will just parse the XML to get the info which is a pretty quick operation.

2. If you use our media manager, you have to use our media repository driver, since they work together. You wouldn't want to use either of them if you already have JRiver set up and are using it.

3. The VLC player isn't a standard media renderer driver. It has to be one before the auto-generation stuff will recognize it. It's only because all media renderer driver are standardized that the auto-gen can work with all of them. There are various options there from our embedded player, Sonos, Zoom Player, Foobar, and some others.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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