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RIVA Client: PlayBook 2.0
On the server, you did use the RIVA client, not the regular Interface Viewer, right?

If the regular (shipped) RIVA client works, then the RIVA server is accessible, at least from the machine you used it on. If you ran the RIVA client on the same machine, then it may be that the ports are not externally accessible. You could always install just the client tools on some other machine and try the regular RIVA client there to verify that you can get to the server from outside.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yes, I did use the RIVA client on the same machine. Your suggestion to try that from another PC on my network seems like a good one, as it looks like the problem is connecting to the server from another device.


Sorry for wasting everyone's time, but the problem is with my network. When I associated both the server and the PlayBook to the same WAP, it connected right away.

I have 2 Actiontec MI-424WR routers in my network. I use them as MOCA bridges and WAPs. They apparently have a problem passing some protocols to all the bridged interfaces.

FWIW, the simple test template I made has very snappy response. I've gone from a doubter to a booster just like that.

For the benefit of all PlayBook owners, I should record that the most useful tool was an app called NetGoob. It will ping every address in a range you specify, and show the results. It allowed me to see that the devices associated with my two MI-424WR's were mutually unreachable.


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